Monday, March 25, 2013

monday blues

I don't know if any of you lovely people out there experience the Monday blues, but I definitely have a case of them today. I am going to give a few of my remedies when you get some of those Monday blues.

•  Take a warm shower/bath. As someone who loves beauty, hair care, etc. I recommend pulling out some of your favorite bath items such as bath bombs, your favorite shampoo/hair mask, or a new product you haven't gotten to try out yet.
•  Make it into a spa (or pamper) night. For some awesome ideas click here. 
  A face mask is a great way to relax and feel refreshed after a hard day.
•  You could give your feet a good soak as well.
•  Snuggle up in your favorite blanket, wearing your best pajamas and watch your favorite TV show/movie.
•  Make yourself a cup of tea/coffee/cider and your favorite snack and just RELAX!

   These are just a few ideas for you guys to try out that I love doing. Somethings will be better than others, depending on the person.

Love you guys!

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