Monday, April 15, 2013

foodie | shrimp fajitas

Hi guys!
Just wanted to write a post on one of my favorite quick meals: shrimp fajitas. This is going to be a pretty non-traditional recipe in the sense that I am just going to try and wing it with the measurements. Either way, it turns out wonderfully.

  - a handful of shrimp, preferably one of the larger varieties
  - one red, orange, or yellow bell pepper, sliced
  - one medium sweet onion, sliced
  - an avocado
  - a lime wedge
  - sour cream (optional)
  - two pinches (heehee) of paprika
  - a pinch (or two according to your taste) of chili powder
  - hot sauce of your choice (optional)
  - cheddar or Mexican style cheese, shredded
  - corn or flour torillas

- First, put the pepper and onion into a skillet coated with olive oil. Let that cook on low/med heat until soft, but not browned. 
- Add the shrimp to the pan. Mix around and wait until they turn to a pinky-opaque color. Add the seasonings to the mixture and stir around to evenly distribute.
- Toast up the corn (my preference) or flour tortillas in a toaster or oven till just warm and slightly crunchy. 
- Make up your fajita however you would like. Mine goes sour cream, cheese, shrimp/pepper/onion, hot sauce, squeeze of lime, and avocado on the side ;) .

Pair it with a batch of Spanish rice and beans, or a veggie and make it a full meal. Quick and easy! 

Pretty self explanatory. If that already didn't cause your tummy to grumble, here are some pictures. 


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