Friday, November 23, 2012

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long wait for another post. I've never really been good at this, but for some reason I keep trying. 

Today I'm really, really excited to start a new series: FRIDAY FAVORITES!!!!
YAY! So now in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all that hoopla, I'll sprinkle in a few online sales I've spotted!
Lady Evelyn - a Knitted Headband / Ear Warmer with a Movable Bow
This is so cute! Check out this Etsy shop.

I am LOVING! Check it out!
Coach dress
Coach dress from Mod Cloth. They're having a 50% off sale and free shipping on orders $50 or more!

Tulle Houndstooth Coat
Houndstooth Coat was $84 and is now $54.99 from Fred Flare!

 That's about it (haha, yeah right!). Hope you enjoyed my Friday Favorites!

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