Tuesday, December 18, 2012

holiday outfit inspo .

Although I've already seen a lot of these types of posts but I figured I'd try it out myself. So here goes:
holiday outfit #1

I've seen a lot of red, black, and gold trending this winter. I love the combination myself, but for those of you not really into this I made up a few others. The next features silver instead of gold and more of a berry color for the accessories.

holiday 2
holiday outfit #2

 And for those of you who like a little color:
holiday # 3
holiday outfit #3
The last one I wanted to be a little more relaxed (not in the shoe departement, obviously. Haha!) with the jeans look.
holiday #4
holiday outfit #4

 Hope you all liked this post and will use it for some holiday outfit inspiration! Which is your favorite outfit out of these?

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