Sunday, February 24, 2013

Go Green - Home

Hey lovelies -
Today I'll be doing the second of the series, the home. If you're not sure what all this is about, look down below at some former posts! This one most likely won't be as extensive as the last, just some tips/tricks that I thought up!

Tips for staying green in the home:

Use energy efficient light bulbs. Y'know those twisty ones in the store? Apparently these last much longer than your standard light bulb, and don't take as much energy!

• Unplug your appliances after use. Now, of course I do not want you to unplug your oven after you've baked or something. What I mean by this is that after your phone is finished charging, or you've just blow dried your hair, unplug the appliance. It'll help save electric (and maybe reduce the bill!).

• Similar to the last one, don't keep your devices plugged in once they are fully charged. I have a difficult time staying on track with this one because sometimes I'll plug in the phone before bed and it'll charge up all night. But if you're pretty reliable and want to stay on top of things, this is the tip for you.

• Plant something. I always loved the idea of a small garden outside of the home or a few plants all around the house. For inspiration click here , here, or here! Lovely ideas from the ever inspiring A Beautiful Mess sisters.

•Use natural daylight. I know this one sounds obvious, but you would be susurprised. The other morning I was on my latop and had turned on the lights in my room. Without even thinking about it. It was daylight, around 12 pm. Why not just use the window? The thought had just dawned on me, so I opened it up, and sure enough, it did the trick.

 Allllll right. That's all for today, I'll have the last one up soon. What are your thoughts on this series? Comment below! (I love love love reading them) 




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